24Sep, 2016

How To Get Way More Traffic By Registering More Domains

So you have found the perfect domain name for your business. You successfully secured a short and catchy .com domain name, that best suits, and fits your business niche, or it’s perfectly optimized with a popular keyword, that describes your company business, or industry perfectly, that you can build your brand and online reputation around……..Congratulations, you’re off to a great start!

Now you have designed, and built your perfect website, and you have your SEO agency optimizing it for Google, and other popular search engines, for search results. You have done an excellent job adding plenty of unique, quality, and original relevant content to your site. You have now built some good strong backlinks to some high domain authority, and trusted websites. They are related to your industry, and are very popular, with high web traffic statistics. Your posting on all your Social Media accounts and getting great results from your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Look at you now, you’re even starting to rank with your best ranking keywords in the search engines, for people searching for your services….. You’re doing great!

After your SEO, and website start doing great, you start thinking… “I can register the other domain extensions; .net, .org, .info, .co, .us, .biz, etc. I can also get some really high ranking 99 cent domain keyword domains from FxNames. Shouldn’t I get all the business related domains I can before someone else does? And what about similar sounding, and spellings, as well as popular keyword domains that relate to my business, and website theme?

I am going to register these domain names as well. There’s no reason not to, they are cheap domains, and these extra addresses for sure WILL send me even more traffic that is targeted for my website, and my business.”

Now you have registered every domain extension, with every variation of your main domain name, that you can think of. You even registered different variations of your best ranking keywords in form of domain names as well. Now you park them in your Cpanel, in your main web hosting account, and each one is offering your hard worked on targeted traffic the same content that is on your main website….let the traffic pour in!

And what happens next? You are going put your feet up, and kick back, while all the extra web traffic that your new domain investment is going to bring in right?

Well… not exactly! Frustration sets in, then quickly turns into worry, and then panic, as you watch your search engine rankings begin to drop drastically. Your website, your online investment, can’t be found on Google, which by itself is website demise, or any other major search engine you search on. It seemed to happen so fast, it was almost like the search engines dropped your website, like a bad habit!

So the question going through your mind at this point is, “what happened to my website? Where did I go wrong with my online marketing strategy?”

The problem is duplicate content, Google, and other search engines love unique content that they can feed to their online users. So what is the fix? It’s actually pretty easy, you just need to ad the 301!

What is a 301?

Actually, you should be asking what is a 301 direct?

The problem is by you registering a bunch of different domain names, and parking them on your main domain, you have successfully created a group of websites online that have the same exact content. Because the web content is not unique, and is duplicated, Google, and the other search engines are going to penalize your website addresses. Meaning no more high ranking keywords, or articles for you.

So do you have to create and design new websites, and more content for each domain you registered? You can, and if you have the budget, and the time, you certainly could. That is a lot of hard work, and there is a simpler solution that can resolve the problem, and save you a ton of money, time, and frustration.

Remember the 301? Well, this is a simple solution. Creating a 301 direct with each one of your domain names, and extensions, enables you to redirect them to your main money website. Doing so, you will not be penalized by the search engines, and one could argue that they like a good “301 direct”, and that this can actually improve your search ranking, yes even in Google.

So is registering a domain, with the idea of redirecting targeted traffic to your main website a good idea? Yes, a number of large companies, and big businesses implement this as a major digital marketing plan to enhance their traffic, and online ranking.  The key is to use the 301 direct as part of this strategy for your website, otherwise you face getting penalized by Google, other major search engines. Here is a good source if you would like more information on how to do a URL Redirect, or what exactly is a URL Direct is, click here.

If you have thought about getting a cheap domain, FxNames has plenty of $0.99 domain name choices for you and your business.




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