24Sep, 2016

How To Register A Domain That Will Rank Google First Page

A good keyword domain name can be a powerful key SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and business branding strategy in establishing your online presence, and enabling future, and present customers, and clients being able to find you, through easy searching. There is no secret that a large number of companies spend large amounts of money to acquire, and build up a good top keyword domain name.

So how can I register a domain that will rank on Google first page?

By following some simple key rules, you can benefit from a keyword domain, and see success in directory submission, search engine results, and enhance keyword density for powerful results that can out rank your competition.


Keyword Order And Relevance

When deciding on your domain, your URL (Uniform Resource Locator), so that the more popular searched keywords are added in front of the least important ones. So for example, if your target keyword is “Best”, then “best-hosting-company” would be more effective than “company-hosting-best”


Domain Length

  • A large amount of studies has confirmed that a good portion of people are using two words, or even more to do their online searching. Because of these results, keyword phrases are very powerful when deciding on a domain.


  • A good rule, not excepted by all, is to use two to three keywords, using hyphens in between each word.



  • Longer, and lengthy, more complex URL’s are rejected more by editors of directory websites, and blogs, where you can receive links to your site.


Correct Language Usage

  • When executing submissions to directory, blog, and other website, the URL should be grammatically correct for editors, and webmasters to have a higher chance of accepting your links, as well as general popularity submission, and overall applicability from potential customers. Website, and search engine users are more likely to click on your link, if they can determine at a glance what your site is about, just by reading your domain name.


  • When looked over by an editor, “best-hosting-company” will look like a more reliable resource for their users, and readers, than “company-hosting-best” as a domain name, and is less likely to be scrutinized, and questioned for submission.


Use “Power” words together

  • Create a distinct, and easy to remember domain name that is still available, and isn’t registered, one suggestion is add other words with less importance to the name. Some quick examples could be: best, top, viral, web, pro, online, etc. You can even try using one letter for this variation, as well, such as: “i”, or “e”, at the front, or beginning of your domain URL, or a “z”, at the ending in replacement of using a “s”.



Registering a .com domain

Before the availability of being able to register a new gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain), it was important to consider registering a .com domain for business websites, along with .net, and .org domain extensions. Nowadays, there is an exploding opportunity to register your perfect domain with these new gTLD’s, such as .pro, . top, .review, .xyz, and others. There has never been a better time online, that a business is able to find the domain name that is perfect for their business, and can make it easy for potential customers to easily know what the business is about.



A quick understanding of DNS is important when making your decision your domain.

Huh? What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is set up in a way to turn regular words in your URL to “Map” onto an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is used so that every computer is able to connect online to the internet, used by networks. You can add up to sixty three characters, these can be letters, numbers, dash symbols such as “ – “, and “ ~ ” (not as well known or used). When all of this is put together, in the networking world, an IP address is formed. With all of this being said, at the end of the day, the domain name is what people all over the globe are using when searching for a website, or even sending an email to someone.

Here is one of my favorite resources for more information about DNS and a domain name here.

Just remember that when choosing your keyword phrase, this can be one of the most important decisions you can decide on regarding how successful a website will be. Take a minute to understand what the keyword phrases are that your searchers are looking for. Using more targeted keywords, and keyword phrases will increase your websites overall success.

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